Beit Chaverim Synagogue


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Beit Chaverim is a modern orthodox synagogue, located in Westport, CT.

Our members come from all different backgrounds, and levels of observance.

The spirit is exciting, and all agree, this is

The Synagogue Where Everyone is Welcome! 

Stop by and see what all the excitement is about...

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Passover 5777/2017

Passover is coming soon! Click here for all Pesach info, including schedule, Pesach prep, seder tips,.

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We are plannina spectacular Second Seder on Tuesday night, April 11th. Monday night, enjoy your traditional family seder, and on Tuesday night, enjoy a new spin on one of our oldest traditions. Feeling on seder night like you personally left Egypt can mean that you have been liberated from a rote, repetitive prequel to a nice dinner.  Our second seder will be inclusive, participatory, fast paced, musical, mystical and insightful, as well as delicious.

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Beit Chaverim Synagogue of Westport/Norwalk

85 Post Rd. West, Westport CT 06880

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Wed, 29 March 2017 2 Nisan 5777