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The Shmorg!  Spring 2019

Your One Stop Jewish Learning Shop. every Tuesday night

Choose 2 stimulating classes, separated by an intermission for schmoozing and noshing. 

Spring zman runs through June 4

All are welcome, no synagogue affiliation required!

No Hebrew skills or prior experience needed

Be Happy: 

Count Your Blessings

with Rabbi Uri Grosberg

offered at 7 and 8:10PM

How can the mere recitation of a few berachot, a few blessings, bring us to new levels of happiness and joy in our lives?

Join Rabbi Grosberg for a class you won't forget!


Rabbi Uri Grosberg is a graduate of Yeshiva University. He has been involved with education for over 15 years. He has taught in formal and informal settings to a wide range of Jewish affiliation and age groups. At present, he is promoting Jewish awareness through adult education in various Connecticut cities.

The Revelation at Sinai and the Ten Commandments

with Rabbi Yitzchak Friedland

Offered at 7 and 8:10PM




Arguably, the explosive Revelation at Mt. Sinai was ground zero in formalizing the relation between G-d, the Jewish People, and the Torah as a living entity.

But thousands of years later, can we still hear the echoes? What really happened at that small mountain in the desert, and what is the message for us today?

Rabbi Yitzchak Friedland lives with his family in Waterbury, where he is active in making Torah learning accessible to all. He is a frequent presenter with the Connecticut Torah Connection. 

Read Hebrew America with Rona Wall

Advanced 7PM

for those who know the Aleph Bet, and can read, but want to build speed and comprehension

Beginners 8:10PM

Even if you have decided you can never learn to read Hebrew, this class is for you! Rona has an amazing track record of teaching adults how to read Hebrew, and connect to the language of Creation!

For Skeptics Only:

Can the Torah be proven?


How much evidence must be presented to prove the truth of Torah M'Sinai, the receiving of the Torah at Mt.Sinai? 


Which major world religions support the Jewish claim of Torah M’Sinai?


How do we know that Torah M’Sinai is a historical event event and not a legend?

Come and bring your toughest questions, but don't forget to bring your open mind.


Tuesday Night Talmud with Rabbi Wall 8:10PM


We are learning the 3rd Chapter of Tractate Bava Metziah- basic Hebrew reading required

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Sun, July 21 2019 18 Tammuz 5779