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We are conducting morning minyan seven days a week, as well as Kabbalat Shabbat, outdoors in our all weather heated open tent. All attendees must wear a mask, and maintain a social distance of 8 ft in all directions.

Please contact R' Wall for more info


Current schedule of services
    •    Mon-Fri - 7:00 AM

    •    Friday night - summer: ten mins before candlelighting

                                         winter: at  candlelighting time
    •    Saturday morning - 10:00 AM

    •    Sunday morning - 8:30 AM 

On secular or Jewish holidays times may be subject to change. Please check the calendar, or call the synagogue or
write for more information.


Musical Rosh Chodesh

Several times a year we gather at the synagogue for a spectaluar Rosh Chodesh with musical instruments led by Rabbi Wall and a band of world class artists, followed by a sumptuous brunch. Contact the office or the rabbi for information on dates and times.


Explanatory service

On a periodic basis, we offer "explanatory services" especially for those who are not familiar with Jewish prayer. The service features singing and stories, is conducted mainly in English, and only takes an hour! Please check the calendar, or call the synagogue for more information.


Other services

We often conduct services for shiva and yahrtzeits. Please contact if you need a minyan to say kaddish.

Fri, December 4 2020 18 Kislev 5781