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Post Shavuot Wrap-up

06/08/2014 01:25:03 AM


Shalom Chaverim, 
What a delightful Chag Shavuot at the House of Friends!
It was great to see such a fine turnout for our dinner at late night learning session. Thanks to our wonderful presenters, and special thanks to Chef Andrew Marcus for his culinary creations Tuesday night, and grilling finesse Thursday afternoon.
In Judaism, there is a special significance to an event that happens three times in a row- it is called a chazaka (something strong) and is given special status. For the past three weeks we have been meeting at the shul on Saturday just before the sun goes down, to spend to some special time together, and holding on to the shabbat as it slips away. After a short mincha, where we get a taste of next week's parsha, we hold onto the taste of Shabbat itself by sharing a light meal together, seudat shlishit, the "Third Meal", which is said to be the taste of the world to come. We sing, learn a bit, and enjoy each other's company before relinquishing the day to the night. If you have not experienced seudat shlishit at Beit Chaverim, I urge you to come by and see for yourself! We are in and out in a little more than an hour.
Starting a week from today we will introduce a 45 min. Friday morning coffee and parsha shmooze, at 9AM, preceded by shacharit at 8AM. All  are welcome- come to either, or both!
We are working on the new website, and it is live please take a visit, and let us what you think.
Thanks to Guy Gola for his help in getting us up and running.
Don't forget- the annual shul meeting is June 18th, at 8PM, and there is still time to get your ad in for the June 22 dinner journal, honoring Barbara Halpern.
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Greg
Fri, June 9 2023 20 Sivan 5783