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Pesach Schedule

Beit Chaverim Passover Schedule 5783


All Passover prayer services except for online Yizkor will be held at 181 Post Rd West, second floor left .


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April 5-13

It is customary to make a donation for Maot Chitim, money for the poor to make Pesach. Simply click the link to donate.


Sale of Chametz forms are here, you may give them to Rabbi Wall at morning minyan Sun-Fri, or email them.


If you cannot return the form by email or in person you may sell your chametz online this year.

Any questions, ask Rabbi Wall


Tuesday, April 4

Shacharit 6:50 AM


Search for Chometz after 8:03 PM, (make blessing before) and then recite evening Kol Chamira (blessing and declaration Artscroll siddur pg. 655)

Why should I do this? (Scroll down after clicking this link)



Wednesday, April 5  Erev Yom Tov/First Seder

Ta'anit Bechorot/Fast and Siyum for the First Born right after 6:50 AM  minyan

Finish eating chametz by 10:47 AM

Burn Chametz (or flush ) before 11:52AM, then recite the daytime Kol Chamira, ArtScroll pg 655, or here


Make an Eruv Tavshilin before sundown to permit cooking for Shabbat on Friday during the day


Mincha/Maariv 6:30 PM

Candle Lighting 7:04 PM


Kiddush/begin seder 8:05 PM


Thursday, April 6  first day of Pesach/Second Seder

Shacharit 9:30 AM

Mincha/Maariv 6:30 PM

Candle Lighting (from a pre-existing flame) after 8:06 PM

Begin seder prep/Kiddush/Sefirat HaOmer First day after 8:06 PM


Friday, April 7  second day of Passover

Shacharit 9:30AM

Mincha/Maariv 6:30 PM

Candle Lighting (from a pre-existing flame) 7:06 PM

Sefirat HaOmer Day 2 after 8:07


For daily Omer counting  reminder sign up here


Saturday , April 8 Shabbat  Chol Hamoed

Shacharit 9:30 am


Mincha/Seudat Shlishit/Maariv 7:00 PM 

Havdala, Sefirat HaOmer Day 3 8:08 PM


Sunday , April 9 Chol HaMoed 

Shacharit 8:30 am


Monday , April 10 Chol HaMoed 

Shacharit 6:30 AM


Tuesday April 11    Erev Yom Tov

Shacharit 6:30 AM


YIZKOR online 6:00PM 

Mincha/Maariv 6:30 PM

Candlelighting 7:11 PM


Wednesday, April 12  Seventh day of Passover

Shacharit 9:30AM


Mincha/Maariv 6:30 PM

Candlelighting from a pre existing flame after 8:13 PM


Thursday, April 13   Last Day of Passover

Shacharit 9:30AM


Mincha/Maariv  7:45 pm

Havdala, end of Passover  8:13 PM

Please do not consume sold Chametz until after 9:15PM



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Fri, June 9 2023 20 Sivan 5783