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Pesach Schedule

Beit Chaverim Passover Schedule 5780




March-April 6

Sale of Chametz – email form to




07 Tues

Search for Chometz after 8:07 PM


08 Wed

Taanit Bechorot/Fast and Siyum for the First Born 6:20 AM

Finish eating Chametz by 10:45 AM

Burn Chametz before 11:50 AM

Make Eruv Tavshilin during the day

Candle Lighting 7:08 PM

Kiddush at the seder at 8:09 PM or later, eat afikomen by 12:52AM


09 Thur

Candle Lighting(from a pre-existing flame)/second seder Kiddush after 8;10 PM

Seferat HaOmer after 8:10 PM


10 Fri

Second Day of Passover 

Shabbat Candlelighting (from a pre-existing flame) 7:10PM


11 Sat

Shabbat is over at 8:13PM

Maariv online at 8:15PM


14 Tues

Candle Lighting 7:15PM


15 Wed

Candle Lighting(from a pre-existing flame) 8:16 PM


16 Thur

Shacharit 9:00 AM (say Yiskor at home- no miyan needed)


Passover Ends 8:18 PM

Please do not consume sold Chametz until after 9:30PM

Thu, April 9 2020 15 Nisan 5780