Shavuot 5777

On Tuesday May 30, at 7:30PM, come celebrate Chag Shavuot with a festive meal, commemorating our receiving the Torah at Sinai, at the House of Friends. Shavuot is not only about the cheesecake! (but, it doesn't hurt...)
For the past few years our Shavuot eve dinner and learning has been one of the seasonal highlights. A delicious dairy meal and fine wines frame an evening of insightful presentations by our own Beit Chaverim members and guests. Will this be the year that YOU make a short presentation? As always, Rabbi Wall will provide resources and support to all who wish to present, and for first timers, a gentle hand holding from inspiration to delivery. Curious? Contact Rabbi Wall to discuss a topic.

Spring Gala 5777, March 19

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Our 2017 Gala, honoring Irena Veksler Offengenden and Dimitri  is coming up fast! Reserve and arrange a journal ad, and spread the word!

Purim 5777

Purim is coming! Come to our annual Purim Bash, Saturday March 11 at 7:15PM


On Saturday night March 11 we will invite our friends from Temple Israel Westport to join us for a community Purim megillah reading and celebration, featuring the cuisine of Shushan, a children's carnival, and the debut performance of our new orchestra, the Westport Klezmorim. A second surprise musical attraction is also on the bill.


Volunteers and sponsors needed. Your donation of time and or tzedakka will enable us to offer this program free of charge, and attract many fresh faces to our shul.

Full details here!

Family Tu'b'Shevat Seder and Shabbat Dinner Feb 10

Shana Tova, it's New Year's Eve again!

Tu'b'Shevat is one of the four talmudic New Year's days of the Jewish calendar, and this year it falls out on Shabbat!
We will have a mystical Tu'B'Sehvat seder,

as practiced by the kabbalists of the holy city of Tzfat, celebrating the gifts that grow on trees, four kinds of wine, and a sumptuous feast guaranteed to satisfy herbivores and carnivores alike!
Reserve now, and bring your friends.


How to create a Tu'b'Shevat seder? Don't worry, come to the House of Friends on Feb 10th, and we will create one together!


Candle lighting 5PM, followed by song filled Shabbat Service. Seder/dinner at 6PM

Reserve by Feb 5th, early bird discount before Feb 1.

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Tot Shabbat Sat, Jan 28 10:15am- noon

Shabbat Chanuka dinner with the Traveling Chasidim Dec 30

A Shabbat filled with light!

Music,great food, Chanuka and Shabbat candles, and special guests, 

The Traveling Chassidim!

Dinner 5:30PM, music filled pre Shabbat celebration begins at 3:45PM. Bring the kids!


We are not accepting anymore reservations at this time.


What comes to all good Jewish homes on December 24th?






Info and reservations here...


Lox 'N Learn June


Join us Sunday morning June 5th, right after the 8:30 Shacharit service, for a tasty and stimulating discussion of our Festival of Shavuot, and find out how you can make this year's holiday more meaningful than you ever imagined!

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Purim at Beit Chaverim! Wednesday, March 23 @7PM. Kids program and dinner 5:30PM

Join us for our annual family Purim extravaganza, with great food, drinks, activities for kids of all ages, and that special Beit Chaverim vibe…In other words,

the Whole Megillah!

complete details here


Shavuot 5776

On Saturday June 11, at 7:00PM, come celebrate Chag Shavuot, commemorating our receiving the Torah at Sinai, at the House of Friends.Starting with seudat shlishit, sponsored by Elisheva Timber in loving memory of Beulah Timber, we will progress to food for thought. We will pause for Kiddush and Havdala, and enjoy a Yom Tov Seudah sponsored by the Ziskin/Berson family in loving memory of Hadassah Ziskin.
Following dinner there will be presentations by Beit Chaverim congregants, shmoozen and study opportunities for adults AND children, until the wee hours! Suggested minimum donation $15 adults/$8 children 12 and under.
Sponsorship opportunities available.

Shabbat Across America Dinner, March 4, 2016 with guest speaker Professor Allan Arkush



Join us for a mouthwatering Shabbat dinner and a stimulating presentation by Allan Arkush, Professor of Jewish Studies at SUNY Binghampton.

Info and reservations HERE

Shelly Christensen at Beit Chaverim May 21 during Shabbat Services

Fairfield County Inclusivity Long Weekend May 19-22


Noted presenter and author Shelly Christensen to speak throughout the area on how to make sure that everyone in our area has access to Jewish programming and services.


Shelly Christensen, who’s ground breaking work in Minneapolis led to community wide embracement of inclusion, and the founding of Jewish Disability and Awareness Month (JDAM) will be the featured guest for Fairfield County’s first Long Weekend of Inclusivity, Thursday May 19ththrough Sunday, May 22, at various locations throughout our area. 


Shelly Christensen literally wrote the book on inclusion of people with disabilities, the Jewish Community Guide to Inclusion of People with Disabilities which provides the roadmap and guidance that any faith-based organization can use to become more welcoming and intentionally inclusive of people with disabilities and those who love them.


Complete info and full schedule Here.

Pre Pesach Lox 'N Learn with the Bridgeport Kollel April 3

Join us Sunday morning April 3, right after the 8:30 Shacharit service,  for a tasty and stimulating discussion of our Festival of Liberation, and find out how you can make this year's holiday more meaningful than you ever imagined!



In Poland, a Search for Jewish Heritage

Noted writer and longtime New York Times reporter Joseph Berger will speak at Beit Chaverim for our annual Yom Hashoah event on Sunday, May 1, at 4PM. Berger, a child of Holocaust survivors, has written extensively about growing up as a first-generation American. His memoir, Displaced Persons: Growing Up American after the Holocaust, has been widely praised. 


Click here for more info.



First Seder April 22

Join us for the Seder that will make you feel like you are experiencing the Exodus yourself. We will take our time, and read between the lines of the Haggadah and share some timeless wisdom in this family friendly and delicious festive meal.

Details and registration here.

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 PURIM 5776! 
Join us for our annual family Purim extravaganza, with great food, drinks, activities for kids of all ages, and that special Beit Chaverim vibe...
In other words,
the Whole Megillah!
Purim Services and Megillah reading:7PM
followed by succulent Shushan cuisine!
For the kids- Purim Maskepade 5:30PM
Join Binyomin and Sarah B. for early an dinner and Purim mask making workshop with Sarah Chapman, concluding with a chance to win great prizes at the Maskepade, featuring local celebrity judges.
Suggested donation: 
$15 adults/$10 12 and under

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Latkes?Vodkas, and All That Jazz

As usual, we do up Hannukah in style here at the House of Friends! Great Food, Free Flowing Drinks, and Delightful Music.

Reserve now for Latkes/Vodkas, and All That Jazz on Dec. 12 at 8PM

Sponsorship opportunities available! Inquire here...








Kids' Hannukah Carnival is Dec 13, at noon. Entertainment,prizes!

Details here..


What Does G-d Want From Me?

New Class! What Does G-d Want From Me? Saturdays 7:00PM beginning June 27
Have you ever wondered just what God wants from you, anyway?
 You are not alone! Join the conversation as we begin a guided tour through Sefer Hachinuch, the Book of the Mitzvot. Originally written as a gift to the author's son, this classic anonymous text is a timeless introduction to the Mitzvot, and has launched a discussion that has been going on for hundreds of years. Classes will be taught in English- no Hebrew required!  A must for every Jew, and also great for someone wishing to study for conversion. RSVP to Rabbi Wall here.

Summer 2015 Schedule:


A Taste of Persia

A special Persian Shabbat at the House Of Friends!


Leave the driving to us! No muss, no fuss, no logistics- just a fun, spiritual Shabbat dinner, filled with song, stories and delicious food and wine. No worrying about guests, this one's for you!

Friday, November 20, beginning with our famous Kabbalat Shabbat service at 5:30PM.





Tantalizing Persian menu! Fascinating guest speaker! Exotic children's programming by our BCY youth directors.

Reserve by Nov. 12 and save $6 per adult reservation.


Andrée Brooks will speak on:The History and Culture of the Jews of Persia (Iran). Jews have been in Persia/​Iran since biblical times. Why were they so prominent in the Persian Empire? What was their changing role in society? How were they treated over the ages? Why did most of them leave when the Shah was deposed in 1979? How have they fared in modern times in the U.S?

Sangria in the Sukka

Please join us for a fun evening of
(plus other tasty treats)
Enjoy time with friends.
All are welcome, bring someone new!
Tuesday, September 29th at 7:30 pm
At the home of Bonnie Marcus
8 Bolton Lane, Westport
to let us know that you'll be coming!



Cigars, Single Malts, and a shot of TorahTuesday, Sep 29@6:15PM

Shabbat Project 2015

The Shabbat Project! Oct 23-25

Join the Beit Chaverim family for a special Shabbat to remember  at the Crown Plaza in Stamford, and join a million Jews around the world as we all cebrate shabbat together! Programming for the whole family, NCSY Teen extravaganza, world class guest speaker YY Rubinstein, Sat. night concert extravaganza and melave malka


Details here


Annual Selichot Concert

Our annual pre selichot concert, Saturday night Sep. 5, will feature the amazing Zion80, with their blend of Jewish melodies, African rhythms and Downtown jazz!. The evening will start with Havdala and some epicurean treats, and then feature a set by one of the hottest bands in the land!
The band has had a busy year, with engagements at New York's Town Hall, the Village Vanguard, Joe's Pub, and concerts in Europe and North America. Now they will be launching the High Holiday season with a special show at Beit Chaverim! The concert will be followed by our famous short, song filled selichot service.
Why not bring a few friends? It's a wonderful welcome to Beit Chaverim, and a good spiritual tune-up for the high holidays.
A few sponsorships are still available-

Tisha B'av 5775


Tisha B'Av begins Saturday night



full schedule here



Lox 'N learn with the Bridgeport Community Kollel July 12

Scholar in Residence Rabbi Elisha Paul

  July 3 and 4 Beit Chaverim presents scholar in residence Rabbi Elisha Paul, new head of school of the Jewish High School of CT. He will speak throughout shabbat about Jewish education, community building, and the Three Weeks leading up to Tisha B'av.





Jon Kalish

June 19 we welcome special guest radio producer, Jewish Forward correspondent and NPR commentator Jon Kalish.  

Jon has written extensively on the transformation of Jewish life in New York, and has constantly sought out the most unusual and fascinating aspects of Jewish life in America to bring to his readers and listeners. Jon will speak after the Torah reading shabbat morning.






Bente Kahan

June 13 join us as we welcome special guest Norwegian actress, singer/songwriter, Jewish activist and historian Bente Kahan. 









Bente will speak about her mission to restore Jewish life and culture to Wroclaw, Poland (formerly Breslau, Germany!), and her work rescuing great Jewish songs from the ash cans of European history.



Grow and Behold

Calling all Carnivores! (Vegetarians too..)

Join us this Shabbat morning as we welcome Anna And Naf Hanau from Grow and Behold Foods, taste their delicious pastured kosher meats, and learn about sustainable and healthy practices in the world of Jewish agribusiness. 

Join us for Mincha/Seudat Shlishit for a taste of their incredible pastrami!


Shavuot 5775

Shavuot Schedule

Friday, May 22 Mincha/ Maariv 6:15PM

Sat, May 23    Shacharit 9AM

Mincha 7:30 PM

Maariv 9PM  candlelighting after 9:01PM 

Sunday, May 24 Yom Tov 1 Shacharit 9AM

Mincha/Maariv 7:45PM

Monday May 25 Yom Tov 2   Shacharit 9AM, Yizkor 10:45 followed by kiddush BBQ

Mincha /Maariv 7:45PM



Tikkun Leil Shavuot Sat May 23 9:30PM-??

All night learning and noshing!

Join our members and guests as The People of the Book turn it inside out again, in celebration of receiving it 


Perek in the Park


It's Back! Perek in the Park/ פרק in the פארק!

Starts Sat. April 18, at 5PM at Earthplace
The section of the Mishna called Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) has been inspiring our people for almost 2000 years. It is a custom to study this timeless and meaningful text on Shabbat afternoons between Pesach and Shavuot.
The class is very interactive, no Hebrew is required, and the material lends itself to some great discussions.
Join us as we continue our annual study this Sat at 5PM at Earthplace (The Nature Center, for you oldtimers..) 10 Woodside Ln, Westport. Binyomim and Naomi will be there-bring the kids! If you would like to to lead part of the discussion please contact Rabbi Wall.


Purim 5775



Purim is here!

Wed night March 4:Megillah reading and Purim Bash "A Taste of Persia" @6:30PM and wild Kids' Carnival!

Thursday March 5@ 6:30AM: Shacharit and Megillah

9AM: megillah reading followed by bagel breakfast

Beit Chaverim Hanukkah Blowout and Bracha Bee


Sunday, December 21@9AM, followed by brunch, and family programming.

Musical Hallel with a live band!

Great Food! The Beit Chaverim Brachot Bee finals!

Come spread the light...


Latkes,Vodkas, and All That Jazz

Join us at Café Beit Chaverim for an evening of adult Hanuka cheer with gourmet latkes and vodkas, three candles and world class swingin' jazz from The Jazz Rabbi and Friends featuring Ken Wessel, world-renowned guitarist.  RSVP to this evite by Dec 15th for a delightful evening of  shmoozin', swingin' and samplin'.

This event is made possible by the generous sponsorship of Dr. & Mrs. Larry Schwartz and The BC Board. Please feel free to invite your friends.  There is no charge, donations graciously accepted.


Michal Smart

Scholar in Residence, Nov 14/15

Michal will speak Shabbat morning, and present at a women's Seudat Shlishit at the Wall home at 4PM.

Michal Smart is the editor of Kaddish, Women’s Voices,  from Urim Publications, winner of the 2013 Jewish Book Award. Michal serves as the Director of Judaic Studies at Bi-Cultural Day School in Stamford, CT. A Fulbright Scholar in Jewish Thought, Michal received her A.B. from Princeton University in Religion and an M.S. from Cornell. She is also an alumna of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship, the Melton Senior Educators Program at Hebrew University, and the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. Michal lectures widely on Jewish texts and philosophy, with a focus on Jewish women. Earlier, Michal pioneered Jewish outdoor and environmental education in the U.S. She is a founder of the TEVA Learning Center and co-author of Spirit in Nature: Teaching Judaism and Environment on the Trail (Behrman House, 2000). Michal lives in Stamford, CT with her husband, James, and their five children.


Sukkot/Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah at Beit Chaverim

full schedule here

Cigars, Single malt, and a Shot of Torah!Cigars, Single Malt, and a Shot Of Torah!Monday, October 13th, at 8PM, in the Beit Chaverim Sukkah!RSVP to Rabbi WallCigars and Single Malt are not the most healthy additions to your lifestyle, but may ad

Sukkah BBQ Bash! Oct. 12, 4PM

Sukkah Bash and BBQ
Live music featuring Klezmerfest!
Holy Smokes! BBQ
In partnership with NJOP's Succot Across America..
Please join the Beit Chaverim family as we celebrate Sukkot with an old fashioned family BBQ, with live music from critically acclaimed recording artists Klezmerfest!
Have some hot of the grill delicacies by the award winning Holy Smokes! BBQ Team, shake a lulav, and enjoy our festival of sukkot! Please bring a friend or two, we would like the entire community to experience the Beit Chaverim charm and hospitality. There is no charge, but please RSVP to Patrice
Please consider joining some of the generous sponsors of this event- just drop us a line.
Here is a preview of Klezmerfest!

Rosh Hashana Dinner 5775


Sep 26 Post Rosh Hashana Family Shabbat Dinner

Leave the cooking to us- this   one's for you!

reserve here now!

(reservations close Sep 19)

Hasidic New Wave in concert

Sep 20  9PM Pre-Selichot concert


featuring Hasidic New Wave


followed by song filled selichot, and delicious reception

Rabbi Avi Orlow


Sep 19/20 Rabbi Avi Orlow,

 Education director of the Foundation For Jewish Camp.





Lewis Glinert


Professor Lewis Glinert
Rabbi Dr. Lewis Glinert is Professor of Hebrew Studies and Linguistics at Dartmouth College.

British by upbringing and a scion of the Chajes dynasty of scholars, Lewis Glinert is a graduate of Magdalen College, Oxford and yeshivat Netzach Yisrael, Jerusalem, holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from London University, and has semicha from Rav Dan Channen (Israel), head of Pirchei Shoshanim Torah Network.

Lewis Glinert has held appointments at Haifa and Bar-Ilan universities, the University of Chicago, and  as Professor of Jewish Language and Culture at London University, where he chaired the Centre for Jewish Studies until moving to the US in 1997. His courses at Dartmouth College include 'Midrash', 'Jewish Humor', 'Hasidic Tales', and  'Film, Fiction and the Arab-Israel Conflict.'

Among his books are "The Grammar of Modern Hebrew" (Cambridge University Press), the best-selling "The Joys of Hebrew" (Oxford University Press), 'Hebrew in Ashkenaz' and 'Mamme Dear', an introduction to the lost art of writing Yiddish letters that was a Jewish Book Club main selection in 1997. He has published many scholarly articles in the field of Jewish literature and culture. Invited by the BBC to script and present a documentary marking 100 years since the Rebirth of Spoken Hebrew, Glinert's "Tongue of Tongues" was a BBC 1992 nomination for a SONY award. Another of his BBC documentaries is "Golem! The Making of a Modern Myth".

As an Oxford undergraduate, Lewis Glinert worked closely with the Chabad Movement, and was sent by the Jewish Agency to teach in the USSR.  An experienced baal tefillah and Hebrew folk singer, he is cultural director of the Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive (, the largest Jewish musical resource on the Internet. He and his family reside in Newton, MA.

Melissa Kapustin

Scholar in Residence Melissa Kapustin
Sat, Aug 23



This Shabbat we welcome as scholar in residence the dynamic and engaging Melissa Kapustin, who makes Jewish History come alive. Melissa will be speaking during kiddush following 9AM Shabbat services this Saturday in an interactive presentation called "Escaping Jewish History.




Mrs. Melissa Kapustin taught Jewish History at Ma'ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls from 2001-2004, during which time she helped to develop the Jewish History curriculum for ninth and tenth grades. She temporarily left Ma'ayanot to earn her J.D. at Rutgers University School of Law, but recently returned to teach Jewish History part time while continuing to pursue her legal career by working as a litigation attorney.  In addition to her J.D., Mrs. Kapustin holds a B.A. from Stern College with a major in Judaic Studies and a minor in American Studies, and an M.A. in Modern Jewish History from Bernard Revel Graduate School of Yeshiva University. She has also taught weekly adult education courses in Jewish Law and History at Congregation Etz Chaim in Livingston for the past 12 years. 


Sunday Pre-Shacharit Bicycle Ride!
7AM Ride
8:30AM  davening at Compo Beach

What a great ride we had this morning, followed by an inspired davening on the beach. Thanks to Alan Benjamin for organizing the ride, and for taking this nice shot. Stay tuned for a followup ride soon!

Sat, June 24 2017 30 Sivan 5777