New Jewish History Class starts Jan 23

Episodes in Modern Jewish History with Allan Arkush
January 23 and 30, February 6 and 13 at 7:00 pm at Temple Israel, Westport
A 4 session course with Professor Allan Arkush of Binghamton University.

What did Napoleon want from the Jews of Europe? How did the Jews of Russia react to the pogroms of 1881-82? Why did the British issue the Balfour Declaration of 1917? What did American Jews do for the Jews of Europe during World War II? Through careful examination of documents in Paul Mendes-Flohr and Jehuda Reinharz's The Jew in the Modern World and other original sources, we'll try to answer these and other questions about major turning points in modern Jewish history. Co-sponsored by The Conservative Synagogue and Beit Chaverim. 

 Weekly Adult Education Class Schedule

Adult education is front and center at Beit Chaverim. All of Rabbi Wall's classes are open to women and men, and no experience is required. In addition to weekly classes on Jewish texts, philosophy, ethics, and history, Rabbi Wall is always available for small group or one on one learning.


Satisfy your Jewish appetite
Wednesdays- Lunch 12:15PM, class 12:40PM
New season begins Feb 1
Please join us for lunch and food for thought.
Rabbi Greg Wall will present a 45 minute class covering Jewish perspectives on contemporary ethical questions. 
The class is open to men and women, and no previous Jewish learning experience or Hebrew skills are required. 
NO CHARGE! - Just llet us know you are coming

Wednesday night Hebrew learning(usually at Brett Cohen's house). taught by Rabbi Greg Schindler 8:00-8:30PM; Maariv 8:30PM;  Talmud 8:45PM-9:45PM


Talmud Megillah. The class meets at 9:30AM at the home's of the participants. Email for this week's location.

    Shabbat morning

10:30AM  Women's Spirituality and Prayer Group- led by Rona Wall


Summer only:  Shabbat afternoon learning "What does God want from me?" A weekly study of Sefer Hachinuch, the book of Mitzvah Education

Summer only: Shabbat Seudat Shlishit, Rabbi's choice- a freewheeling conversation around selected topics following  mincha.

To arrange a chaburah (small group) or chavruta (one on one learning) on any topic, contact Rabbi Wall



Soul Food!
Nourishment for your spirit...
Join us every Shabbat morning, at the Shul, at 10:30 AM, for insights and explorations into the process of prayer. Take the first step in making synagogue a truly meaningful experience, and 
Questions? Contact Rona Wall
or call 973-420-7003
A Return Voyage! May 15 -October 1

We set sail, literally, every Friday morning at 9:15AM for another season of "Adrift in a Sea of Talmud".


Join us as we shove off from Norwalk Cove Marina, and dive into the waters of Talmud Yoma while enjoying a relaxing sail in the LI Sound. We return dockside by 1PM.




Text skills are optional, but  reservations are a must! Fee: $5

Talmud & Prayerbook Hebrew Class - Wednesdays after 8PM Maariv service at Brett Cohen's house.

Learn Prayerbook Hebrew and Talmud, at the home of Brett and Gwen Cohen, 26 Broadview Rd. We use translations and go slowly. Come for one or both classes. It's a warm, supportive and fun atmosphere. Prayerbook Hebrew with R. Greg Schindler from 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm.

Maariv at 8:30PM

Talmud from 8:45 p.m. - 10 pm.  Please contact Brett at for info




Adult Hebrew with Rabbi Wall, following the Sunday Morning 8:30 minyan and Breakfast Club

Summer Adult Education Schedule

Here is last season's schedule for the summer months, 2017 summer schedule will appear after Shavuot


Tuesday nights 8PM- Beer and Bavli- a gentle introduction to the Babylonian Talmud, taught by Rabbi Wall, with liquid encouragement. The class rotates between various private and public locations-drop a line to learn the current week's location. This class is open to all, no experience is required.

Wednesday nights 8PM- Prayerbook Hebrew, taught by R' Greg Schindler, followed by peer led Talmud study. The class is usually at the home of Brett and Gwen Cohen, but tonight only is at the shul. To receive weekly updates on this class send email to Brett and you will be added to the Wed. night list. 
This class is open to all, no experience is required.
Friday mornings at 9:30AM is Adrift in a Sea of Talmud, taught by Rabbi Wall. This is an advanced class, using the original Hebrew and Aramaic text, but first timers are always welcome! We depart from Norwalk Cove Marina, sail out to our floating Beit Midrash, study for an hour, and sail back. We are usually back at the dock by 12:00-12:30PM.
Friday afternoons at 1PM is the first of our two new classes featuring the work of the Ramchal. R' Greg Schindler is teaching "Mesillat Yesharim- the Path of the Upright", an essential book of Mussar, the refinement of ethical and spiritual character traits.This class is open to all, no experience is required.
Friday afternoons at 6PM is Pre Shabbat Torah study with Rabbi Wall, a 30 minute class on various topics, including parasha, midrash, halacha. 
This class is open to all, no experience is required.
Sat mornings Rabbi Wall is available before services by arrangement to study any topic. This class is open to all, no experience is required.
Saturday Mornings at 10:15AM is "Soul Food- A Womens' Spirituality Group" led by Rona Wall.
Saturday afternoons at 6:15PM is the second of our two new classes featuring the work of the Ramchal. Rabbi Wall is teaching "Derekh Hashem- the Way of God", a classic in spiritual fundamentals of belief, based on basic kabbalistic principles.
The class is held at Eloise Ray Park, on the water at the foot of Lincoln Street, and in case of inclement weather, will be held at the shul. This class is open to all, no experience is required.
Sunday mornings after the Breakfast Club is open one on one Torah learning for all, no experience is required.
Let's make this the summer were take a few minutes to see what has kept the Jewish people going strong for the past 2000 years!
Thu, August 17 2017 25 Av 5777